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T20 World Cup: Bowling Analysis

It is difficult to analyse bowling because, in essence, T20 cricket just encourages batting, batting, batting. Many feared the Art of Bowling would be reduced to a quivering mess at fine leg, and to an extent, they’re right. Yet, from the ashes of fast bowling emerged the brave spinners to save the day. Top 25 Economy Rates in T20 World Cups (with ten or ... More

Gordon Drummond Previews WT20

Former Scotland captain and World T20 player, Gordon Drummond, looks ahead to the 2016 event which starts in India on March 8. I think Scotland can go into the first stage of the World T20 campaign with increased confidence from their last few T20 matches against Hong Kong and UAE.  Considering the limited amount of match practice they had going into ... More

Swing Bowling

The mystery of the swinging ball in cricket has only recently been understood from a scientific perspective. Physicists have discovered some of the secrets that make a cricket ball swing in the air as it approaches the batsman. The air flow around the ball, the speed of delivery, the angle and height of the seam and even the weather contribute to making ... More

Dreams and Drams

With the imminent arrival of the ICC World Twenty20, Cricket Scotland supporters are feeling that familiar mix of emotions. There is excitement that we are one of the six Associate nations joining the “big ten” in an international tournament, optimism that this might be a breakthrough moment, and a nagging doubt, based on experience, that it may all ... More

When Rahul Dravid Made Scotland Roar

I was there.....when Rahul Dravid made Scotland roar. There were plenty of raised eyebrows around the cricket world when the news first broke that Indian maestro, Rahul Dravid, was joining the Scottish Saltires in the summer of 2003. This, after all, was at a time when "The Wall" was starring as the immovable object to Sachin Tendulkar's irresistible ... More

Sir Donald Bradman

Introduction Sir Donald George Bradman, born in Cootamundra, New South Wales, Australia on the 27th August 1908. Apart from playing for ‘The Invincibles’, the only team never to lose a game on a tour of England, his batting average, of 99.94: “is often cited as statistically the greatest achievement by any sportsman in any major sport.” So ... More

Ross County Nil

Anybody who has ever played amateur cricket will know that sinking feeling when you realise that anything that can go wrong IS going wrong. It never happens deliberately. There's no spot-fixing on the village green. And yet.... When ignominy strikes, it can sometimes bring unwanted fame. I speak personally, as somebody who used to turn out - with the ... More

Scotland Beat Lancashire 1986

In these whirlwind days of Twenty20 mayhem and bowlers being despatched to every part of the ground, many won't realise that cricket used to dance to a different tempo and was no less interesting. First impressions can be deceptive, mind you. When Scotland's cricketers tackled a star-studded Lancashire line-up at North Inch in Perth 30 years ago in the ... More