Allan Border Amused by Renshaw Stomach Bug

Former Australian captain Allan Border was amused when the left-handed opening batsman Matt Renshaw enjoyed the “comfort break” when he left the ground midway because of having upset stomach.

“I hope he’s lying on the table in there half dead,” Allan Border said on Fox Sports. “Otherwise, as captain, I would not be happy”.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. He’s obviously just got an upset stomach to some degree. What happened in the ensuring time there, I can’t ever think of a situation like that has happened before where someone’s gone off because they’re a bit ill”, Border said.

“The situation is different for members of the fielding side, who are allowed off the field for 15 minutes (under the Laws) without penalty — 8 minutes under ICC’s playing conditions — meaning they can come back on and bowl immediately if they are off the field for less than these times”, Fraser Stewart, the Cricket Academy Manager at the MCC said.

Law 2.9 (Batsman retiring) states:

A batsman may retire at any time during his innings when the ball is dead. The umpires, shall be informed of the reason for a batsman retiring.

(a) If a batsman retires because of illness, injury or any other unavoidable cause, he is entitled to resume his innings subject to (c) below. If for any reason he does not do so, his innings is to be recorded as ‘Retired – not out’.

(c) After retiring, a batsman resumes his innings, it shall be only at the fall of a wicket or the retirement of another batsman.


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