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Part Two: How Do You Get Chris Gayle Out?

Part Two In the first part of this analysis, we looked at Gayle's career record, his past three seasons in the Indian Premier League and his struggles against Right-Arm Fast bowlers. Part two will be devoted to his performances against the three potential teams currently left in the T20 World Cup, as well as his record against Right-Arm Offspin. First, ... More

Part One: How Do You Get Chris Gayle Out?

Part One As England's bowlers toiled against Christopher Henry Gayle in their opening match of the T20 World Cup, cricket fans just marvelled at the simplicity and power of the destruction. Gayle - after scoring 7,000 test runs in 103 matches, including 15 hundreds and a top score of 333 - became a T20 specialist for hire. The T20 specialist. The Gayle ... More

T20 World Cup: King Kohli

  It might seem like a strange title, especially when you consider that members of the infamous CricIndex WhatsApp group removed Virat Kohli from any discussions about the best batsman in the world, but if you want a T20 World Cup banker, India’s Kohli is king. In tribute to the upcoming “slap and tickle” cricket, the only fair hyperbolic assessm... More

T20 World Cup: Bowling Analysis

It is difficult to analyse bowling because, in essence, T20 cricket just encourages batting, batting, batting. Many feared the Art of Bowling would be reduced to a quivering mess at fine leg, and to an extent, they’re right. Yet, from the ashes of fast bowling emerged the brave spinners to save the day. Top 25 Economy Rates in T20 World Cups (with ten or ... More

Swing Bowling

The mystery of the swinging ball in cricket has only recently been understood from a scientific perspective. Physicists have discovered some of the secrets that make a cricket ball swing in the air as it approaches the batsman. The air flow around the ball, the speed of delivery, the angle and height of the seam and even the weather contribute to making ... More

Sir Donald Bradman

Introduction Sir Donald George Bradman, born in Cootamundra, New South Wales, Australia on the 27th August 1908. Apart from playing for ‘The Invincibles’, the only team never to lose a game on a tour of England, his batting average, of 99.94: “is often cited as statistically the greatest achievement by any sportsman in any major sport.” So ... More