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Scotland…..Where Do They Go Now?

I am, by nature, an optimist. I also tend to be a “company man”. So, fifteen years ago, when I stopped playing club cricket and transferred my allegiance to the national side, I did so with predictable vigour. If the team were playing in Edinburgh – I was there. If there was merchandise to buy or a season ticket available – count me in. What ... More

And in the end……

Being a romantic, I always dreamed of playing on Broadhalfpenny Down at Hambledon – long regarded as the home of cricket. My infatuation with the place only grew when I paid a visit out of season and found exactly what I had hoped for – a rough field high on the downs, overlooked by the Bat and Ball public house – a home fit for peasant heroes in ... More

Associate Cricket and Scrambled Eggs

Apparently, nightmares come from eating cheese before bedtime. For me, it’s from watching interviews with Associates’ captains. Mommsen, Borren and Porterfield all shared their frustrations after quick exits from the T20 championships. These are talented cricketers, huge contributors to the Associate game, and they spoke in unison: the ICC pay lip ... More

Dreams and Drams

With the imminent arrival of the ICC World Twenty20, Cricket Scotland supporters are feeling that familiar mix of emotions. There is excitement that we are one of the six Associate nations joining the “big ten” in an international tournament, optimism that this might be a breakthrough moment, and a nagging doubt, based on experience, that it may all ... More