Third Lanark To Return With Football and Cricket

Third Lanark were one of Scotland’s original football clubs. And their ground at Cathkin Park was one of the most distinctive in the whole country.

Now, Third Lanark FC, who have returned from the ashes after going bust in 1967, have confirmed they are in talks with Glasgow City Council to rebuild the historic stadium and use it for both cricket and football.

Third Lanark football cricket club

The organisation currently play in the city’s amateur league structure, but have ambitious plans for returning to the Scottish professional circuit.

And CricIndex has learned constructive discussions took place between club officials and the local authority earlier this month.

Their chairman, Ian Alexander, said: “We met with representatives of the Council on February 9 to reintroduce Third Lanark AFC to them and demonstrate our enthusiasm to return to Cathkin Park in the near future.

“We are also committed to re-establishing Third Lanark as an all-inclusive community-based football and sporting club.

“The meeting was both constructive and positive and we outlined the aspiration and plans for a return to include initial rejuvenation of the pitch  and to make provision for other sporting activities to include cricket and involve Govanhill residents and the wider community.

“The club may have “died” in 1967, but it has been resuscitated big time with a massive following and support from across the world. Thirds are a worldwide brand and we can tap into this financially and emotionally.

“I told them, if we introduced cricket, this would be the first time it had been achieved in the whole country.

“The council were keenly interested and positive in what we had to say and they have confirmed further meetings will follow and they have asked for further information.

“It is all very positive and we feel things are moving in the right direction. We have already planned a series of events in the coming months, but we are looking at the bigger picture.”

thrid lanark football cricket

A council spokesman confirmed the talks had taken place and the delegation’s ideas had provoked plenty of positive discussion. And a spokesman for the local Asian community, which currently helps over 200 people a week through a food bank initiative, said they were “positively engaged” with the plan.

They added: “It would be terrific to have a sports venue which appealed to both football and cricket fans. We also want to encourage people who play badminton, squash and other sports. This is a close-knit community. And sport brings people together.”

Third Lanark enjoyed significant success throughout their 95-year history and finished third in the Scottish League in 1961, just six years before their demise.

They were known as the “Hi Hi” and attracted many supporters who felt disinclined to follow the Old Firm.

Mr Alexander added: “Govanhill is just a short step from Cathcart Road and is the most racially mixed part of Scotland with an estimated 42 nationalities in one square mile, bounded by Victoria Road and Cathcart Road.

“Thirds are also organising a major football competition which will be held at Cathkin in August.

“The plans include a mini World Cup to embrace as many nationalities as possible and the idea is to stage the tournament at Cathkin Park.

“Thirds are already engaged in the community and are talking to members of the Romanian community and our multi-lingual Ukrainian coach is talking to Slovakians, Slovenians, and Croatians etc. about the tournament.”

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