Tired of the IPL? Me too….

IPL 2016

For the past month, the cricketing world has solely revolved around the apex domestic Twenty20 tournament in the world, the IPL.

While fans all across the world are glued to their TV screens eagerly watching their favourite teams and players in action, this competition has become dull and listless in my eyes.

To put how bored I am of the IPL, I am actually counting down the days until the start of the Test series between Sri Lanka and England on May 19.

People constantly look at me as if I have committed blasphemy by saying that the IPL has become dreary and lifeless, but I have my reasons for hating India’s star-studded tournament.

1. It is too long!

The IPL has become the tournament to play in for all cricketers and has unearthed a few diamonds in the rough. However, the big issue is that is drones on and on and doesn’t seem to stop.

The competition began on April 9 and goes on until May 29, which is 50 days or just over seven weeks! To put this into perspective, the 2016 World Twenty20 was 26 days long and this includes the first round qualifying portion as well. The 2015 World Cup meanwhile was 43 days in total. So, how can you have a domestic Twenty20 tournament that is longer than both the World Twenty20 and World Cup? To me it is nothing more than pure insanity.

The simple solution going forward: Cut down the IPL down significantly or play it once every two years.

2. Cricketers abandon international duty

It has been well documented in the past that cricketers from some of the lower-ranked countries would rather feature in the IPL than represent their own nation on the international stage. This is a huge problem as people dream of playing for their respective countries, but it seems if you dangle a hefty sum of money in front of them, they forget the reason why they started playing the sport in the first place.

This is a growing concern for me in particular as if there is an international series scheduled during the IPL, the two teams in action could be forced to field somewhat of a second-string side as a number of their star players will still be in action in India.

3. Associate players don’t get an opportunity

Tell me honestly, when was the last time an Associate player featured in the IPL? Hard question to answer right! If the IPL must go on every year, then at least make it a rule where they must have a minimum of three Associate players on their roster and field one in every match. That way the tournament would at least be a pathway for some of the talented players in countries such as Afghanistan, Ireland and Scotland to compete with a plethora of the world’s best cricketers.

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