Cricket’s Olympic Return: A 128-Year Reunion in the Making?

A Century in the Waiting: Cricket’s Potential Olympic Revival in 2028

In the gentle embrace of the Parisian summer of 1900, cricket, with its poised elegance and strategic charm, graced the Olympic stage for what would be its first and only appearance. A solitary match, played over two days in a Test format, witnessed Great Britain, represented by the Devon and Somerset Wanderers, triumph over a French team predominantly comprised of British expatriates. A peculiar yet fascinating chapter in the annals of both cricket and Olympic history.

Los Angeles 2028: A New Dawn for Cricket?

Fast forward to the precipice of the third decade of the 21st century, and the whispers of cricket’s Olympic return are gently caressing the corridors of sporting governance. The LA28 organising committee, under the stewardship of Chairperson Casey Wasserman, has cast its gaze towards the inclusion of Twenty20 cricket in the 2028 Los Angeles Games, pending approval from the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The Path to Approval

The IOC, with its members convening in Mumbai in the imminent future, will cast their votes and potentially seal the fate of cricket’s Olympic destiny. While the final decision hangs in the balance, the recommendation of the sport by the LA28 organisers marks a significant milestone, as noted by International Cricket Council Chairman, Greg Barclay.

The Inclusion of New Sports: A Modern Olympic Trend

The modern Olympics have witnessed a trend where host cities propose the inclusion of sports that resonate with their cultural and social fabric. The Tokyo 2020 Games, for instance, welcomed sports like surfing, sport climbing, and skateboarding into the Olympic family, reflecting contemporary and innovative sporting pursuits.

A Glimpse into the Proposed Format

Should cricket secure its place in the 2028 Games, spectators can anticipate both men’s and women’s T20 tournaments, showcasing a format that has captivated audiences globally with its blend of strategic depth and exhilarating pace.

The Olympic Stage: A Platform for Lesser-Known Sports

The LA28 Games could also witness the debut of flag football and squash, sports that have long sought the international spotlight that the Olympic stage provides. Flag football, a non-contact variant of American football, and squash, which has endured numerous Olympic rejections, stand on the brink of their moment in the sun.

Squash: A Journey of Perseverance

Squash, in particular, has navigated a tumultuous path, having been pipped to the post by breakdancing for Paris 2024 and losing out to climbing, surfing, and skateboarding for Tokyo 2020. Its potential inclusion in 2028 would be a testament to the relentless spirit of the sport and its community.

In Conclusion: An Anticipated Reunion

As the world of sport potentially prepares to welcome cricket back into the Olympic fold after a hiatus spanning over a century, the 2028 Los Angeles Games beckon with the promise of nostalgia, innovation, and a celebration of sporting diversity.

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