Foakes and Bairstow: England’s New Test Formula

England’s Balancing Act: Bairstow and Foakes in the India Series

In the ever-evolving chessboard of international cricket, England’s team selection for the upcoming India series has become a topic of keen interest and strategic debate. As Tim Wigmore of The Telegraph insightfully points out, the dynamics within the England camp are shifting, especially concerning the roles of Jonny Bairstow and Ben Foakes.

Foakes’ Return: A Nod to Specialist Skills

The decision to bring Ben Foakes back into the fold as the wicketkeeper, as observed during the team’s net session in Hyderabad, is a move that nods to the specialised skills required for keeping wickets, particularly in the challenging conditions of India. Foakes, hailed as one of the world’s finest keepers, brings to the table a nuanced understanding of the game, especially in dealing with the spin-friendly pitches of the subcontinent.

Bairstow’s Role: A Specialist Batsman’s Test

Jonny Bairstow’s expected shift to a specialist batsman’s role, particularly in the middle order, is an intriguing development. His prowess with the bat is undisputed, as evidenced by his impressive average of 40.3 in the Ashes and six Test centuries in 2022. This shift in responsibility could be a defining moment in his career, challenging him to adapt and excel purely as a batsman.


Middle-Order Conundrum and Squad Dynamics

The departure of Harry Brook for personal reasons has inadvertently simplified England’s selection puzzle, particularly in the middle order. With Foakes likely to don the gloves, England must now choose between Bairstow, vice-captain Ollie Pope, and others for the specialist batting slots. This situation, while challenging, provides a unique opportunity to test the team’s adaptability and depth.

Preparation and Adaptation: The Key to Success

England’s preparation for this series, as described by coach Brendon McCullum, strikes a balance between rigorous training and team building. The decision to train in Abu Dhabi, creating conditions similar to those expected in India, underscores the team’s focus on adaptation and readiness. This approach, coupled with a positive team ethos, sets the stage for a competitive series.

The England squad’s ability to adapt will be tested further in the absence of Jonny Bairstow behind the stumps and with the likely inclusion of Foakes. Bairstow’s shift to a specialist batting role adds another layer to England’s batting lineup, giving them a potentially stronger middle order. However, it also raises questions about the team’s ability to balance their batting and wicketkeeping duties effectively.

Foakes’ inclusion as a wicketkeeper is a strategic choice, given the challenging conditions of Indian pitches, notorious for assisting spinners. His expertise in this area, coupled with a solid batting average, makes him a valuable asset to the team. However, his batting style, less aggressive than Bairstow’s, might require the team to adjust their approach to building innings, particularly in the face of India’s strong bowling lineup.

The selection conundrum for England’s middle order has been somewhat eased by Harry Brook’s departure. This situation allows the team to focus on choosing the best combination of players to complement the skills of Bairstow and Foakes. The team must carefully weigh their options, considering both the current form and potential of players like Ollie Pope, who has shown promise in his international outings so far.


England’s preparations for the series have been thorough, with a focus on creating conditions similar to those in India during their training in Abu Dhabi. This approach shows a clear understanding of the need for adaptation and readiness when facing a team as formidable as India in their home conditions. The team’s confidence, as expressed by McCullum, will be crucial as they head into a challenging series.

As the series unfolds, England’s selection choices and their ability to adapt to the conditions and challenges posed by the Indian team will be key to their success. The inclusion of Foakes as a wicketkeeper and the shift of Bairstow to a specialist batting role are decisions that could have significant implications for the team’s performance. With a balanced combination of experience and skill, England has the potential to put up a strong fight against India, making for an exciting and competitive series.

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