Gill Nears Tendulkar’s Untouched Record

The Rising Star’s Journey to a Potential World Record Amidst the Evolution of Cricket Formats

In the realm of cricket, Shubman Gill is a name that has been echoing with prominence and potential. With a staggering 1,230 runs in 2023, he is inching closer to surpassing the legendary Sachin Tendulkar’s world record of 1,894 runs in a calendar year. This piece delves into Gill’s journey, the changing landscape of cricket, and the significance of this potential achievement.

Shubman Gill’s Remarkable Journey:

Gill’s journey in 2023 has been nothing short of extraordinary, boasting an average of 72.35 and a strike rate of 105. These figures are not mere numbers but a testament to his prowess and consistency on the cricket field. The next contender, Asif Khan of the UAE, trails behind with 934 runs, showcasing the substantial gap and Gill’s dominance in the run chart of 2023.

The Pursuit of a World Record:

Tendulkar’s record, set in 1998, has remained unbroken, but Gill’s current trajectory makes him a realistic challenger to this long-standing achievement. With India scheduled to play several more matches, including league games at the World Cup and ODIs against South Africa, Gill has ample opportunities to etch his name above Tendulkar’s in the record books, provided he maintains his fitness and form.

Indian player Sachin Tendulkar during the ICC Cricket World Cup finals against Sri Lanka played at the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai India on April 02 2011

The Evolution of Cricket Formats:

The global pandemic has significantly impacted the cricket landscape, shifting focus towards Twenty20 cricket and franchise cricket, causing ODIs to lose relevance. The rapid growth of shorter formats and the prioritisation of Tests as the “prestige format” have squeezed ODIs between the two, especially with no major tournaments enticing teams to play more bilateral series.

The Decline and Relevance of ODIs:

The number of men’s ODIs played has seen a decline post-pandemic, with the lockdown restricting the count to 44 in 2020 and only a slight rise to 71 in 2021. The World Cup in 2023 has brought a temporary reversal to this trend, but the future schedules and global events will likely continue to impact the relevance and frequency of ODIs.

Gill’s Extraordinary Feat in Perspective:

Gill’s achievements in 2023 are not just a result of his exceptional skills but also a product of India’s schedule allowing him to accumulate records. The evolving focus of cricket formats raises questions about whether any team will manage to replicate such feats in the future.


Shubman Gill’s pursuit of surpassing Sachin Tendulkar’s world record is a captivating narrative in the cricket world. His journey, coupled with the changing dynamics of cricket formats, highlights the evolving nature of the sport and the challenges and opportunities it presents to modern cricketers.

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