Pakistan Team Faces Uncertainty Over World Cup Entry

Visa Complications for Pakistan’s Squad

In a turn of events, Pakistan’s cricket team has had to re-evaluate their preparatory plans for the upcoming World Cup due to unforeseen delays in visa procurement. The team, initially scheduled to embark on a team-bonding trip to Dubai before heading to Hyderabad, India, now faces a change in itinerary. The visa applications, submitted over a week prior, are still pending, causing a ripple of concern, albeit with a prevailing sense of confidence that the situation will resolve in time for the team’s travel.

A Unique Predicament Amidst Political Tensions

 Interestingly, Pakistan stands alone in this visa conundrum, with all other nine teams having secured their travel documents to India for the World Cup. This delay underscores the intricate and strained political context in which the team is travelling to India. The process of acquiring visas between the two nations is notoriously challenging, reflecting the limited inter-country travel for citizens due to the strenuous and often unsuccessful visa attainment process.

Cricket Amidst Border Tensions

The act of crossing borders for cricket matches has become an infrequent occurrence. The last bilateral series saw Pakistan travelling to India in 2012-13 for a white-ball series. This journey was an exception in a decade marked by escalating tensions post the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Pakistan’s only other tour to India within the last ten years was for the T20 World Cup in March 2016.

Tournament Participation and Diplomatic Negotiations

Pakistan’s participation in this ODI World Cup has been a topic of intricate negotiations, especially considering the recent Asia Cup, where Pakistan, despite being the official hosts, could only conduct four matches on their soil. The majority of the tournament unfolded in Sri Lanka due to India’s team not receiving clearance to travel to Pakistan.

At one juncture, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) contemplated a hybrid model for the World Cup, allowing Pakistan to play their games outside of India, potentially in Bangladesh. However, this proposition, which sparked debates about India’s potential travel to Pakistan for the Champions Trophy in February 2025, did not materialise, and the Pakistan government eventually granted clearance for the team to travel to India in August.

Adjustments in the Tournament Schedule

The tournament schedule underwent modifications due to clashes with significant religious festivals in Ahmedabad and Kolkata, leading to the reshuffling of nine matches. Pakistan’s inaugural warm-up game against New Zealand is slated to occur behind closed doors in Hyderabad, owing to the lack of security assurances around the time of two major religious festivals in the city.

A Journey of Uncertainty and Hope

For most of the current squad, this journey marks their first cricket venture into India, with only Mohammad Nawaz and Agha Salman having travelled for cricket before. The team, despite the prevailing uncertainties and the altered plans, remains hopeful and focused on their World Cup aspirations.


The unfolding scenario highlights the multifaceted challenges faced by the Pakistan cricket team, stemming from political tensions to logistical alterations. The world watches with bated breath as the team navigates through these complexities, hoping for a resolution that allows the spirit of cricket to triumph over geopolitical strains.

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