Report: Historic First for Women Umpires in Sheffield Shield

Ushering in a New Era: Polosak and Sheridan Set to Make History in Sheffield Shield

In an epoch-marking move that celebrates the rising prominence of women in cricket, Claire Polosak and Eloise Sheridan are poised to etch their names in history. Come November, these trailblazers will be the inaugural female umpires gracing the men’s Sheffield Shield, heralding a new chapter in Australian cricket’s annals.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Umpiring

Their journey to this momentous occasion is nothing short of inspiring. Polosak and Sheridan aren’t strangers to the limelight, having officiated in men’s Marsh Cup fixtures and the Big Bash League. Yet, the Sheffield Shield presents a novel frontier. Their appointment follows Sue Redfern’s groundbreaking role in the County Championship, underscoring a significant shift in the traditionally male-dominated realm of cricket umpiring.

Polosak: A Trail of Firsts

Claire Polosak’s journey is replete with pioneering milestones. Her rendezvous with history began in 2019, standing as the first woman in a men’s ODI, followed by 12 men’s T20Is. Though her T20I experience has been confined to associate nations, it’s her role as the fourth umpire in a men’s Test during India’s tour of Australia in January 2021 that cements her place among cricket’s elite.

Expressing her anticipation, Polosak stated:

“I am very much looking forward to standing in the Sheffield Shield match at the WACA Ground. Just like players, umpires are always working towards opportunities at higher honours, and this is undoubtedly another step forward on the pathway for umpires.”

She graciously acknowledged the unwavering support from Cricket Australia, Cricket NSW, the NSW Cricket Umpires’ and Scorers’ Association, and her umpiring colleagues.

Sheridan: Rising Through the Ranks

Eloise Sheridan, who carved her niche in the 2022 Ashes and officiated in the Women’s ODI World Cup and the Women’s T20 World Cup, shares similar sentiments. Her debut in men’s first-class cricket is a monumental stride not just for her but for aspiring umpires everywhere.


“This is a significant moment for umpiring in Australia,” Sheridan remarked, envisioning a future where their breakthrough acts as a beacon for others. Acknowledging the support system that buoyed her journey, she expressed gratitude towards Cricket Australia, SACA, and her personal circle.

Cricket Australia: Acknowledging Excellence

Cricket Australia hasn’t been remiss in recognising the monumental achievements of these women. Damien Mealey, Umpiring Chairman of Selectors, extolled their journey through the ranks, emphasising:

“It is a testament to the strong CA umpire pathway that both Claire and Eloise have progressed through our elite domestic competitions before officiating in international women’s T20, ODI and Test matches.”

Their recent roles at the Commonwealth Games, representing their states and Australia, have been nothing short of exemplary. “As pioneers in women’s officiating, they have set and maintained a high standard and thoroughly deserve this accolade of becoming Australian cricket’s next first-class umpires,” Mealey concluded.

As Polosak and Sheridan gear up for their historic Sheffield Shield assignments, their journey transcends personal achievement. It’s a clarion call for inclusivity, a testament to meritocracy, and a beacon for aspiring umpires who will stand tall on the shoulders of these giants.

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