Report: Middlesex to Explore Venues Beyond Lord’s?

Middlesex Cricket’s Potential Move from Lord’s

Exploring New Horizons for Middlesex Cricket

Middlesex County Cricket Club are contemplating a significant change in venue after a longstanding 160-year history at Lord’s Cricket Ground. The club, originally established in 1864, has been synonymous with the iconic MCC-owned ground. However, recent discussions reveal a strategic pivot towards potential new investment opportunities, possibly leading to the establishment of another cricket facility within London.


Investment Talks and Future Prospects

Chief Executive Andrew Cornish has been active in seeking new horizons for the club. “We have had – and continue to have – conversations with several groups of potential investors [about a new venue],” Cornish articulated. The move is driven by the recognition of London’s capacity for another elite cricket facility. “London also actually needs another elite cricket facility,” he elaborated.

Balancing Tradition with Innovation

The potential relocation does not mean a complete farewell to Lord’s. Cornish mentioned that Middlesex might still host some home games at Lord’s, maintaining a connection with their historic ground. This model mirrors strategies by other sports teams which alternate venues based on game significance. “If you look at the Harlequins model, they play most of their games at the Stoop, but for big games go to Twickenham. When Arsenal women go to the Emirates they fill it out, but most of the time they’re not playing there. There’s definitely a model there to be considered,” he explained.

Current Opportunities and Market Trends

The idea of relocating is buoyed by the availability of potential sites and a surge in interest in cricket investments. “Things [potential sites] do become available and there are a couple of potential opportunities now,” Cornish noted, highlighting the sport’s burgeoning appeal as an investment magnet. “There are a lot of people looking at cricket as an investment opportunity right now. Our global reach is enormous.”

As Middlesex weighs these pivotal decisions, the implications resonate beyond mere venue changes, suggesting a dynamic future for cricket in London and for the club’s ongoing legacy.

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