Report: Multan Sultans’ Bold Step Paves Way for a New Era

Groundbreaking Moves in Cricket Coaching: Hartley Joins Multan Sultans

In a significant stride for cricket, former England spinner Alex Hartley is on the brink of a pioneering role with the Pakistan Super League’s Multan Sultans.


A New Chapter for Hartley and the PSL

Hartley, renowned for her pivotal presence in England’s triumph in the 2017 World Cup and her consequential insights on BBC Test Match Special, has ventured into a fresh arena post her retirement in August. The 30-year-old cricket icon is poised to embrace the responsibilities of assistant spin coach, a move that signals the Multan Sultans’ progressive mindset and the evolving dynamics in the realm of cricket coaching.

Not just a former athlete, but also a voice that resonates through the cricketing corridors via her “No Balls” podcast alongside Kate Cross, Hartley’s transition is a noteworthy benchmark.

Shattering Glass Ceilings: Women in Coaching

The narrative doesn’t end with Hartley. Catherine Dalton, an ex-Ireland player with a portfolio boasting four one-day internationals and four T20s, is also set to infuse her expertise as a fast-bowling coach with the franchise. Still an active force for Essex in women’s county cricket, Dalton is cognizant of the monumental leap this opportunity represents.

“It’s not lost on me the groundbreaking moment for a female fast-bowling coach to be working in a major men’s T20 franchise,” Dalton acknowledged, expressing her eagerness to influence change on several tiers within the sport.

These appointments mark the first instance of female coaches gracing the PSL, underscoring a revolutionary period where expertise transcends gender confines.

Echoes in the Coaching Sphere

This isn’t an isolated incident of female influence in men’s cricket. Sarah Taylor, an ex-England wicketkeeper, has been imparting her knowledge at Sussex and Manchester Originals since 2021. Similarly, former England coach Lisa Keightley’s stint with Paarl Royals in the SA20 highlights the growing trend of recognizing competence, irrespective of gender.

While the PSL squads remain under wraps, the anticipation for the forthcoming season, commencing on 8 February, has undoubtedly escalated. This development, as reported by BBC Sport, is more than a mere appointment; it’s a testament to inclusivity and progress within cricket.

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