Report: New York Stadium Pitches Ready for T20 World Cup

ICC Confident in New York T20 World Cup Pitches

Eisenhower Park Ready for T20 World Cup

International Cricket Council (ICC) officials have expressed their confidence in the pitches at the temporary stadium in New York, which is set to host matches for the men’s T20 World Cup. The 34,000-seat stadium in Eisenhower Park, Nassau County, is in its final stages of preparation with the tournament just a fortnight away.

Drop-in Pitches Installed

The venue features four drop-in pitches, specifically prepared for the event, and six additional pitches installed in nearby practice facilities. These pitches have been developed under the supervision of Adelaide Oval pitch curator Damian Hough, who has transported them from Australia to New York via Florida. Hough remarked, “Two and a half weeks out from the first game we’re very happy and have nothing to worry about.”

Comparison with Other US Venues

While Texas and Florida’s grounds already have natural turf wickets, New York’s temporary setup with drop-in pitches has garnered attention. Hough remains optimistic, stating, “There’s no fears. Some of the best pitches in the world are drop-in pitches. We can build them anywhere.” His confidence is echoed by Chris Tetley, head of events at the ICC.

Stadium Dimensions Meet International Standards

Tetley has assured fans and players alike that the playing field at Eisenhower Park meets international standards. “The playing field is not a token size,” Tetley emphasised, comparing its dimensions to renowned cricket grounds such as the Gabba, The Oval, and Wankhede Stadium. With dimensions of 75 yards east and west, and 67 yards north and south, the ground is well-suited for high-calibre T20 action.

As the T20 World Cup approaches, all eyes will be on New York, poised to deliver thrilling matches on meticulously prepared pitches. With the ICC’s assurances and expert preparation, cricket fans can look forward to an exciting and competitive tournament.

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