Report: Pakistan’s Ambition: Not Just the Top Four this World Cup

Babar Azam: Pakistan’s Ambitious Captain Eyes World Cup Glory

While recent months may have been marred with disappointments for Pakistan, especially with their less-than-stellar performance in the Asia Cup, Babar Azam, the team’s talismanic captain, remains undeterred. Though the green shirts were on the precipice of reaching the pinnacle of ODI rankings, their World Cup dreams extend far beyond mere semi-final aspirations.

A Goal Beyond the Semis

“From our perspective, merely reaching the top four seems a rather diminutive objective,” Babar stated emphatically during a press conference before departure. “Our sights are set on clinching the trophy. Our recent intensive schedule meant foregoing a preparatory camp before the World Cup. Instead, we opted to give the squad some downtime to rejuvenate and return with an insatiable zeal for victory. That kind of zeal invariably translates into commendable performances on the pitch.”

The captain was eager to differentiate between the Asia Cup and the World Cup, stating, “Despite faltering in the last two Asia Cup matches, we were in good stead prior with an unchanged team. That tournament was a learning curve, helping us identify and rectify our shortcomings. Now, we look forward to the World Cup with renewed vigour, acknowledging its distinct importance.”

Navigating Rough Waters

Pakistan’s journey to the World Cup has been nothing short of a roller coaster. Unexpected defeats, especially one against arch-rivals India in the Asia Cup, coupled with injuries to key players like Naseem Shah and Haris Rauf, have been significant setbacks. Additionally, Shadab Khan’s recent form dip precipitated a rethink in their leg-spin strategy, favouring Usama Mir over Faheem Ashraf.


Off-field challenges further compounded their preparations. Issues ranging from last-minute visa approvals for India to ongoing negotiations regarding new central contracts with the PCB added to the distractions.

However, Babar, with the composure that’s become synonymous with his batting, said, “We remain resolute in our focus, striving to block external noise. I endeavour to shield the team from unnecessary disruptions. Our visas have come through, signalling green for our departure. Regarding contracts, deliberations are ongoing. We remain optimistic, trusting the PCB to have the players’ best interests in mind. The camaraderie within the team remains strong; we operate like a family, fortified with mutual respect.”

The Allure of Ahmedabad

Pakistan’s impending fixture against India in Ahmedabad looms large, not just for its cricketing stakes but for the sheer spectacle it promises. The prospect of competing amidst a teeming Ahmedabad crowd clearly appeals to Babar. He confessed, “The anticipation of playing in a packed Ahmedabad arena is undeniably exhilarating. The World Cup offers players the canvas to etch their legends, and I aim to harness this platform, showcasing my best.”

But ever the team man, Babar was swift to qualify his statement. “Personal milestones are secondary. My primary endeavour is to contribute in a manner that augments the team’s prospects,” he emphasized.

It’s telling of Babar Azam’s ambition that despite earlier reservations about playing in Ahmedabad, he’s now eager to lead his side out in that iconic stadium, not once but twice. Pakistan’s World Cup journey promises to be intriguing, and under Babar’s stewardship, they could very well spring a surprise or two.

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