Report: PCB Calls Out Crowd Behaviour at ICC Event

PCB Raises Concern Over Spectator Conduct in India-Pakistan Clash

Unsportsmanlike Conduct at Narendra Modi Stadium

The cricketing landscape is abuzz following Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) recent move to file an official grievance with the International Cricket Council (ICC). The bone of contention stems from what the PCB cites as ‘inappropriate conduct by spectators’ during the high-octane India vs Pakistan match at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

The Atmosphere that Stirred Controversy

In a setting that team director Mickey Arthur equated more to a bilateral skirmish than an ICC-sanctioned event, Pakistan faced a resounding defeat amidst a crowd that barely featured their supporters. The gargantuan audience, exceeding 100,000, was noticeably devoid of Pakistani presence, a scenario attributed to the strenuous visa procurement process for cross-border travel.

Arthur pointed out an oddity in the musical choices at the stadium, particularly the absence of ‘Dil, Dil Pakistan’, a tune synonymous with Pakistan’s cricketing endeavours at global competitions.

Specific Incidents Under Scrutiny

The crux of PCB’s complaint revolves around distinct episodes caught in the whirlwind of social media. Pakistan’s skipper, Babar Azam, encountered a chorus of boos during the coin toss, while Mohammad Rizwan’s dismissal was met with “Jai Shri Ram” chants, details that didn’t escape the board’s attention. Moreover, it’s understood that Hasan Ali faced a similar reception while on fielding duties amidst India’s batting spell.

The formal protest, dispatched to the ICC’s top brass, references section 11 of the council’s anti-discrimination guideline, which pertains explicitly to spectator conduct. This clause empowers the ICC and its Members to proactively curb ‘Inappropriate Conduct’ by audiences, ensuring prompt resolution during any stage of the match.

The protocol mandates that any such misdemeanour be recorded by an appointed anti-discrimination administrator and reported within a fortnight to the ICC’s anti-discrimination unit.

Visa Woes Add Fuel to the Fire

In a twofold grievance, the PCB has vocalized its discontent over the sluggish visa process for Pakistani journalists and the conspicuous lack of a streamlined visa framework for its fans.

The board’s statement elaborated:

“Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has lodged another formal protest with ICC over delays in visas for Pakistani journalists and absence of a visa policy for Pakistan fans for the ongoing World Cup 2023.”

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