Report: Relaid Pitch in Lucknow to Test South Africa and Australia?

Lucknow’s Surface Secrets: Australia and South Africa Anticipate Spin Challenges

The Mysterious Relaid Pitch of Ekana International Cricket Stadium

Australia’s cricket team, ever-adaptable and always on their toes, are setting sights on a fresh challenge. As they gear up to face South Africa in the historic city of Lucknow, Glenn Maxwell, their allrounder, offers insights into the uncertainties that the relaid pitch at the Ekana International Cricket Stadium might bring into play.

After witnessing some less-than-expected performances in the IPL 2023 and an unpredictably low-scoring T20I between India and New Zealand, the authorities took the drastic step of overhauling the pitch.

Maxwell candidly expressed, “It’s a bit of an unknown here, think they’ve ripped up the whole ground and started again after the IPL.” He recalls India’s struggle to chase down a mere 99 against the Kiwis, predicting a fresh slate for this World Cup encounter. “With that in mind, I think it will be a fresh start for the whole ground, turn up on the day and see how it looks,” he added.

Australia’s Preparedness and the Spin Factor

Despite the unpredictable nature of the relaid surface, Maxwell exudes confidence in Australia’s readiness. Drawing from their past experiences in India, he acknowledges the diverse challenges Indian pitches often present. Referring to the challenging Chennai surface they recently played on, he described it as an “anomaly”, emphasising the inconsistencies that the players had to adapt to.

Maxwell reflected, “You know when you come to India you will be faced with a whole heap of different conditions, whether it be flat wickets that don’t bounce or dry wickets that turn quite a bit.” He commended the Indian bowling line-up they previously faced and felt they created ample chances with the ball.

Maxwell: A Spinner’s Perspective and the Return from Injury

Bowling in Indian conditions, especially as a spinner, requires unique finesse. Maxwell showcased his adaptability, effectively handling the likes of Indian batting maestros, Virat Kohli and KL Rahul. He insightfully remarked, “Bit different with the left-handers on strike, so it has probably changed a bit in one-day cricket; bowling to a leftie you might have a better wicket opportunity but bowling to a right-hander you can shut down one side of the field and work ego to ego, see what they are trying to do and where they are trying to hit.”

It’s also heartening for the Australian camp to see Maxwell perform without any signs of his past leg injury. He gleefully expressed, “It was nice to get the shackles off and run around.”

The Stoinis Conundrum

The Aussie allrounder, Marcus Stoinis, might be well acquainted with the Lucknow grounds, courtesy of his stint with the Lucknow Super Giants in the IPL. While he remains an asset, there’s a challenge in how to best incorporate him into the squad. Although both Cameron Green and Stoinis have seen their shares of ups and downs, Maxwell firmly believes in Stoinis’ potential impact.


Highlighting Stoinis’ importance, Maxwell stated, “He’s a big energy for our team and someone who is a matchwinner and someone you need in these types of tournaments.”

A Battle Awaited

As Australia prepares for the imminent face-off with South Africa in the heart of Lucknow, one can only anticipate a gripping match on the elusive relaid pitch. Both teams will undoubtedly have their strategies and adaptability tested as they seek victory in the World Cup.

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