Report: Surrey’s Big Loss, Pakistan’s Major Gain

Azhar Mahmood’s New Inning with Pakistan

Transition from Surrey to Pakistan Coaching Role

In an exhilarating turn of events, Azhar Mahmood, Surrey’s seasoned assistant coach, is embarking on a fresh journey. He bids farewell to Surrey, making a pivotal move to coach Pakistan’s men’s team. This shift marks a significant point in Mahmood’s illustrious career, intertwining his Surrey success with a renewed allegiance to Pakistan.

Impact and Legacy at Surrey

Mahmood’s tenure at Surrey was nothing short of spectacular. Joining in 2022, he played a crucial role in steering the team to back-to-back County Championship triumphs. His association with Surrey isn’t just professional; it’s profoundly personal. Reflecting on his departure, Mahmood expressed, “The opportunity to work for my country again was too good to turn down.” This reveals the emotional depth of his decision to leave his “second home.”

Embracing the Challenge Ahead

Mahmood’s previous stint as Pakistan’s assistant coach from 2016 to 2019 set a solid foundation for his upcoming role. With an air of excitement, he shared, “I am excited to start this new challenge in my career and can’t wait to get started with the team.” His initial assignment will be leading Pakistan as interim head coach in their T20 series against New Zealand.

Surrey’s Interim Strategy

Surrey has decided not to rush into finding Mahmood’s replacement. This strategic pause reflects their confidence in the current coaching setup and their respect for Mahmood’s contribution.

Azhar Mahmood’s journey from Surrey’s assistant coach to a prominent role with Pakistan encapsulates a tale of passion, dedication, and a deep-rooted connection to the sport. His move heralds a new chapter both for him and the teams he’s passionately served.

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