Report: T20 Cricket Close to Making Olympic Debut in 2028

T20 Cricket Edges Closer to the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics

Cricket aficionados around the globe have something to celebrate as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) contemplates the inclusion of T20 cricket in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. Following a discussion on Friday at the executive board meeting in Mumbai, the baton has been handed over to the ‘Session’ of the IOC for a vote between October 14 and 16.

The Los Angeles Proposition

The idea for T20’s inclusion emanated from the LA28 local organising committee, suggesting a mix of five new sports to be introduced for the Los Angeles Games. Cricket, alongside baseball/softball, flag football, lacrosse, and squash, have been proposed to the board.

IOC president Thomas Bach, during a media interaction, echoed the thoughts of many when he stated that these sports resonate with the LA28’s spirit. He affirmed, “All these proposals will now go to the IOC Session here in Mumbai for a vote. The inclusion will allow the Olympics to engage with new athletes and fan communities in the US and globally.”

Why T20?

In their presentation to the LA28 committee, the International Cricket Council (ICC) zeroed in on a six-team T20 event for both genders. The rationale behind this format’s selection hinges on several factors: its compact nature, its existing world championship status, and its immense global spectator interest. Aspects such as these placed T20 above other formats like the T10.

A Symbiotic Partnership

The decision to infuse cricket into the Olympics is not a fleeting one. While its introduction in the LA Olympics is exciting, a subsequent appraisal of its relevance for the Brisbane 2032 edition is also on the cards. India, an influential cricketing nation, has expressed its aspirations to host the 2036 Olympics. The question that thus emerges is: can cricket’s overwhelming global appeal catalyse the Olympics, especially in regions of the Global South?

Bach believes in the symbiotic nature of this partnership. “The Olympic Games will give cricket a global stage and the opportunity to grow beyond traditional cricket countries and regions,” he explained. Reflecting on the mutual enrichment of both entities, Bach highlighted India as a prime example where the Olympic spirit is burgeoning, yet cricket holds its place as the unrivalled sport.

The Road Ahead

The next few days in Mumbai will be pivotal for cricket enthusiasts worldwide. If the IOC’s ‘Session’ nods in favour, it will not only provide cricket with an expansive platform but will also diversify the sports palette of the Olympics, making it more inclusive and appealing to a wider audience.

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