Sam Hain’s Long Slog to International Status

Sam Hain’s Remarkable Debut

Sam Hain, the Warwickshire batsman, experienced a mix of anticipation and nerves before marking his England debut with an impressive 89 against Ireland on Saturday. Despite holding a remarkable average of 58.6 in professional one-day cricket, the second-best in history, the 28-year-old was apprehensive about his chance to represent England on the international stage.

A Long-Awaited Opportunity

“I was eager to perform exceptionally, not just for my family but for everyone who has supported me throughout my journey,” shared Hain. The anxiety was palpable, with disrupted sleep patterns highlighting his fervent desire to succeed. “The intermittent awakenings were somewhat frustrating. The struggle to fall back asleep, once you realise you’re awake, was probably the worst part,” he confessed.

Hain’s passion and commitment to doing well for England were evident, and he acknowledged the presence of nerves, stating, “Anyone claiming to be devoid of nerves on such a day would be untruthful.”

A Position of Unfamiliarity

Occupying the number five position, a deviation from his usual top-three slot in domestic cricket, Hain’s 89 off 82 balls played a pivotal role in steering England to a triumphant 334-8 at Trent Bridge. “This is a moment I will cherish for years. It was truly special,” he remarked.

Family Ties and Special Moments

Hain’s father, Bryan, who serves as the director of sport at Southport School in Brisbane, witnessed his son’s stellar performance. Born in Hong Kong to British parents, Sam moved to England at 16. His father, joining from France, where he was on a school trip, experienced a moment of pride witnessing his son’s achievement. “Knowing the sacrifices my parents made, having my father witness this feels incredibly special,” Hain expressed.

The Struggle and Realisation

Despite his formidable domestic record, the abundance of talent in England’s white-ball cricket kept Hain away from the international side for a long time. “I had reconciled with the possibility of never getting this chance, but it didn’t diminish my ambition,” Hain revealed. He admitted to having been swayed by the hype in his early career and emphasised the importance of enjoying the game and focusing on what one can control.

Learning and Evolving

Hain was not initially picked for the inaugural season of the Hundred in 2020, a setback that he credits for his enhanced range of shots. “Missing the first year of the Hundred was a wake-up call, prompting a deeper introspection into my game,” he said. His innings against Ireland showcased his evolved game, reflecting his trust in his instincts and hand-eye coordination.


Sam Hain’s journey, marked by dedication, learning, and evolution, culminated in a memorable debut for England. His story is a testament to the power of perseverance, passion, and self-belief in achieving one’s dreams in the world of cricket.

Final Thoughts

Sam Hain’s debut is a beacon of inspiration for many aspiring cricketers. His journey, marked by highs and lows, reflects his unwavering dedication and love for the game. The blend of orthodox and innovative shots in his innings against Ireland is a glimpse into his evolved gameplay, promising exciting prospects for England in the world of ODI cricket.

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