World Cup Final: Who Will England Fans Support?

The Pivotal Clash: Australia vs India in the World Cup Final

A Conundrum for English Fans: Choosing Sides in the Final

As the World Cup final approaches, UK fans face a peculiar dilemma. The match, set to be broadcast on Channel 5 this Sunday, presents a unique situation for England supporters. The choice between backing Australia, a team known for its fierce competitiveness and occasional controversial tactics, and India, a team of exceptional skill and flair, is not straightforward.

The Case for Supporting Australia

Despite the traditional Ashes rivalry, there are compelling reasons for UK fans to lean towards Australia in this final. The tournament’s structure has seemingly favoured the home team, India, tipping the scales of neutrality. In international cricket, home advantage is a given in bilateral series, adding to the allure and challenge of overseas tours. However, global tournaments like the World Cup are expected to offer a level playing field, overseen by the International Cricket Council (ICC). Yet, the last three World Cups have seen the hosts emerge victorious, indicating a pattern that goes beyond mere coincidence.

This year, the balance appears to have shifted excessively. The controversy surrounding the pitch in Mumbai has cast a shadow over the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and underscored the ICC’s diminished authority when India hosts. The issue isn’t the quality of the pitch but the underlying dynamics of power and influence, raising moral questions about the extent of a host nation’s control over playing conditions in high-stakes, international tournaments.

England’s Experience in 2019

Reflecting on the 2019 World Cup, England’s frustration was palpable. The team, accustomed to playing on high-scoring pitches, had to adapt to varied conditions without any say in the matter. The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), unlike the BCCI, lacked the influence to sway decisions, adhering to the ICC’s governance.

The Fixture’s Role

The scheduling of matches has also played a part, with Australia facing the Netherlands in their last group game, a strategic move if net run rate became a factor. In contrast, Pakistan faced the daunting atmosphere of the Modi Stadium, and India’s semi-final was predictably set in their stronghold, the Wankhede Stadium, barring a match against Pakistan due to political sensitivities.

Australia, much like New Zealand, must navigate these complexities as they head into the final. They face a formidable Indian team, arguably the best in the tournament, with no apparent weaknesses. The question for India is whether they can withstand the pressure, as seen in their semi-final against New Zealand.

The Political and Cultural Context

An Indian victory would not just be a sporting triumph but also a significant moment politically, especially with the BJP gearing up for elections. The Modi Stadium, a symbol of the prime minister’s influence, has hosted key matches, adding a political dimension to the event.

Ahmedabad, the host city, has seen remarkable growth under Narendra Modi’s leadership. However, it lacks the cricketing heritage of cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, or Chennai, which arguably would have been more fitting venues for the final.

Australia’s Challenge and England’s Glimmer of Hope

Australia faces a tough challenge. Their performance against spin in Kolkata does not bode well, and they will likely field an unchanged XI. They need their top order, including Warner, Head, and Marsh, to counterbalance the steady approach of Smith and Labuschagne, leaving less for Maxwell to handle.

For England fans seeking solace, there are connections to root for. Leeds-born Josh Inglis plays for Australia, and the two umpires, Richard Kettlebrough and Richard Illingworth, are English.

In conclusion, the final between Australia and India promises to be a thrilling contest, showcasing the best of cricket. For UK fans, it’s more than just a game; it’s a choice between two cricketing philosophies and a reflection of the sport’s evolving landscape.

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